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POWERSTONE has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with HENAN YANGHUI Solar. The agreement sets to optimize the shared resources of Powerstone’s mounting system with Henan Yanghui’s developed PV Power Generation Market. It puts the focus on development and cooperation of PV power plants, including PV plant solutions and key components, PV Power Big Data Platform Standardization and Joint-Innovation, Regional Contracts Sharing Management, and PV Mounting Stent Controlling System Joint-Innovation.

Pursuant to the agreement, Henan Yanghui will fund a total 50MW of PV plant projects located in Henan and Shanxi. The projects are a 10MW Solar-Farming  Plant, a 10MW large scale solar plant. These projects will be installed with the mounting system designed by Powerstone to meet the desired performance for comprehensive solution.

As a leading solution provider of PV plant, Powerstone solar mounting technologe.Co.,Ltd is proud of its extensive expertise in the design and construction of the PV plants. 

Henan Yanghui covers the developed and emerging PV Power Generation Market. Through internal development, Henan Yanghui holds and operates multiple types of PV power station projects in China including large-scale ground station, distributed PV stations, integrated PV architectures.

Both parties are devoted to the promotion, development and sales of integrated solutions and work hand in hand for a brighter solar industry.

Embracing the continuous industrial upgrade and development, the parties, by joining forces of their own exceptional strengths, are exploring and developing an innovative partnership in the PV controlling system.
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