Details Reflect Service: Powerstone’s In-depth Interpretation of Cargo Loading

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The cost of photovoltaic mounting structures includes not only the material and installation costs but also the logistics costs, which should not be underestimated.

As a well experienced photovoltaic mounting structure enterprise, Powestone has great depth of experience in both PV mounting structure design and logistics cost optimization. Since 2013, Powerstone has been using advanced container loading simulation software to custom-design the cargo of every container it ships. In addition, by continuously optimizing the design of the packaging itself, the volume per MW in containers has been further reduced. These steps help customers simplify the cargo discharging process, improve the discharge rate, and reduce logistics costs.

Based on it years of experience shipping to different countries and regions, Powerstone’s statistics show that the logistics cost of mounting products tends to account for 8%--15% of the total cost. By using precise installed cargo design, the company not only guarantees that the goods are transported safely, but also helps customers control the costs of the actual construction of their power plants.

Cargo loading design appears to be a simple process, but in fact it is complex and sophisticated. At every step in the manufacturing and shipping of its products, Powerstone takes a professional and serious approach. From design, through production, to delivery, Powerstone monitors every step to ensure that its products are delivered to customers in perfect condition.
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